Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Live Blog: Obama's Health Care Address to Congress


Anonymous said...

"Just like public universities provide competition, health care can too."

This analogy only works if you have Govt FORCING every American to go to College, then throwing requirements for that so stiff that is costs $100,000 to get a degree, and then having a subsidized govt 'alternative' that is so subsidized that it makes private plans uncompetitive.

People go to private elite schools for prestige. nobody will pick expensive unsubsidized health insurance over a subsidized alternative. ergo, we get to single payer.

But that's not the core problem, its: MANDATES, TAXES, and RATIONING.

Anonymous said...

"A good taxpayer protest would be to take turns reading HR 3200 out loud in a 24-hour marathon at the US capitol."

Good one. I hope the 912 folks do that.