Friday, September 4, 2009

Tea Party Sept 5th - Hands off Texas Rally Sept 12th

Tea Party in Austin on Sept 5th: Saturday September 5th 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. South steps of the Texas State Capitol – 1100 Congress Ave., Austin.

An encapsulation of what the Tea Party movement is all about, defending against the (bizarre) charge of astroturfing:

This is just the same old tired line the statists use because they cannot
confront us on the facts. By their new definition of Grassroots, there can
be no organization at all or it is not "authentic". If we are a
conservative movement it stands to reason there will be conservative
connections, and some of those connections will be republicans. So what?
Some of Obama's hand-picked czars are communists - yet if we call The One a
communist we are all racist terrorists.

For my part I could care less about the parties - they are both equally
worthless and have both sold We The People down the river for their 30
sheckles of silver. 9/12 is not about parties or grassroots or specific pet
issues - it is about We The People demanding the restoration of our liberty
and the resurrection of our Constitution. It is about the rule of Law, and
about right vs. wrong. That is why I am going - not because someone in some
party headquarters decided this was their event - this even belongs to the

One People, One Voice, One Message and One Word - Liberty.

No disrespect to anyone, but the ones who "organized" the event are like the
skier that started the avalanche - they may think they are in control, but
the snow is going to take them and everyone else wherever It decides to go,
and it will not be stopped.

"If this be treason, make the most of it!" - Patrick Henry

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