Thursday, September 24, 2009

Elections Have Consequences .... for ObamaCare

Via Instapundit, an analysis that New Jersey and Virginia races will impact ObamaCare's chances:

MICKEY KAUS ON HEALTH CARE DEADLINES: “The 6-week frame is not an accident, because something happens in 6 weeks: elections. If Democrats lose big gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, that could produce a new wave of jitters among already skittish Congressional swing Democrats. That’s one of the extraneous factors left out of some sophisticated positive assessments of the bill’s chances. Better to get it done before the ax might fall. … Meanwhile, Ezra Klein says we’re on the 10 yard line. Sure! But we are playing 43-man Squamish.” I guess that means that people who don’t support health care reform — or people who do — should get involved in the New Jersey and Virginia elections.
This makes clearer the political calculus behind the insulting and arrogant refusal by Democrats to wait for a CBO scoring of their bill to vote on it. That, plus the even more arrogant refusal to wait 72-hours and READ THE BILL before they vote indicates that unfortunately the Democrats are hell-bent on passing a bad bill as soon as possible. The politics of delay is in order to resist that.

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