Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Glenn Bass files to run for State Rep, House District 48

Local businessman Glenn Bass has filed papers to run for State Representative, House District 48, challenging Rep Donna Howard. Here's a press release that he has sent out:

AUSTIN, TX, September 29, 2009: Travis County Republican and local business owner Glenn Bass filed documents today with the Texas Ethics Commission to allow him to start his campaign for Texas House of Representatives, District 48. A fiscal and economic conservative, Bass seeks to reduce the role of government. “I believe in smaller government, less government intervention and personal freedom. Further, it is not the role of government to create jobs, but rather to see where it can get out of the way and let our small business owners do what they do best. While I’ll certainly be providing more specifics soon, those are the basics of who I am and that will be reflected in this campaign,” Bass said.

He entered the banking profession while in college in Dallas at the age of 19, advancing to the rank of Bank Officer by the age of 23. He left banking in 2007 after 20 years in the industry and is now President and Chief Executive Officer of The Bass Group, Inc. The Bass Group, Inc. is based in Austin, Texas and in involved in several business interests. Among those are Glenn Bass Productions, American Q&A with Glenn Bass, and Upstream Staffing & Recruiting, which provides searches for Bankers and Investment Brokers in all areas with exception to Central Texas and for Lawyers anywhere in Texas.

Bass began writing a newsprint column in 1998 titled, American Q&A with Glenn Bass. While it went on to appear in various publications around the state, the column first ran in The Free Press, a newspaper founded by a member of his family. Even though the family sold the newspaper prior to his entry into journalism, he took pride in knowing that his column first ran on the same pages as those by his grandmother - the late Hazel Durham Bass. American Q&A featured one-on-one interviews with newsmakers from around the world, as well as people from the community. Whether reading a first- hand account of the Kennedy assassination given by Nellie Connally, catching up on Willie Nelson's golf game or talking with the teacher down the street, the column brought readers a perspective not so easily found elsewhere.

Also in 1998 he produced and hosted his first made-for-television special titled Christmas at the Governor’s
Mansion. This production featured an interview with then-Governor and Mrs. George W. Bush, as well as a holiday tour of the mansion by the First Lady.

Two years later he moved to Austin and in 2001 began work on Heroes and Legends of the Texas State Cemetery. Eight years in the making, this production premiered at The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum on September 17, 2009 to a sold out audience. A short clip of that production is available in the center of the home page at www.glennbassproductions.com.

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