Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Michael Williams on Carter's Racial Politics

Michael Williams responds to Jimmy Carter's incendiary charge:

“I have immense respect for President Carter, but I fundamentally disagree with the notion that opponents of President Obama’s immense spending proposals are motivated by race....

“America has come a long way on the issue of race, so much so that we elected the first black president in the history of our country. The president’s supporters seem to want to denigrate the motives of the opposition so they don’t have to actually engage in a debate about reforms that will forever change the direction of this country."

“It is no coincidence as the liberals continue to lose public support for a budget-busting healthcare plan that they have begun a seemingly orchestrated effort to change the subject from the content of the reforms to the character of their opposition. From the former president of the United States, to the opinion pages of the New York Times, a new ugliness has permeated our discourse. I say to them that I can disagree with my president based on the politics of ideas rather than the politics of identity."

Conservative leaders of all races and backgrounds have restated these clear points - disagreement with Obama's agenda is not about where Obama came from, but about where Obama wants to take this country.

I am reminded of a Tea Partier's sign ...


Amy said...

It seems like no matter what happens, there will always be an issue of racism to some degree.

Freedom's Truth said...

"It seems like no matter what happens, there will always be an issue of racism to some degree."

So long as politicians are looking for scapegoats, and so long as it 'works', they will use the 'race card' to demonize opponents.