Thursday, September 10, 2009

Government Option Dead, but All-Pain No-Gain ObamaCare Is Alive

The Government-Insurance Option Is Dead.

The risk now is to have a bill 80% as bad as full Obamacare. Take off the table Government run 'option'... but keep the 53 agencies, the $900 billion price tag, the higher taxes, the Medicare squeeze, the unfunded mandates, and the freedom-destroying individual mandate and job-killing employer mandate on healthcare. They will throw in monkey-wrenching the health insurance market with 'community rating', a way to shifts costs from unhealthy to healthy people.

That's the 'compromise'.

It's not a compromise. A real compromise would address the 'pre-existing conditions' issue with some sort of assitance and regulatory changes and stop there - no mandates, no higher taxes, no huge new bureaucracies. The Baucus Plan is the all-pain no-gain version of ObamaCare.

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SG said...

Totally agree!!