Sunday, September 20, 2009

Odds n Ends on First Football Sunday

Laura's 10 for '10: WINNING WASHINGTON BY EMPOWERING AMERICANS, a good 'contract for America'-like agenda.

Irving Kristol, father of neo-conservatism has passed away.He was a towering and important intellectual in the conservative movement.

Technology diffusion is accelerating.

A magnetic space launcher can launch payloads into space - "there are a large number of ways to get to Earth orbit at costs far lower than we have now."

Singularity or bust can detect market bubbles and crashes.

Counterpoints to this futurism: Recent progress is a myth. Not sure I agree, but thought provoking.

Signs of US decline. We are losing our manufacturing base and our manufacturing edge, and there is little leadership from those in power to fix this - our education system, legal system, tax system, and attitude towards economic activity needs to change.

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