Sunday, September 27, 2009

RPT's 10 for 10 has a familiar ring

The Republican Party of Texas is running on a theme of "Strong, Prosperous and Free" , that is being in favor of it (phew, because with a President running down USA, adding taxes and regulations, at least ONE political party needs to be for that). They've got a new website and as part of it put an article on their 'top 10' list of agenda items. Nice list, but .... that's the Laura Ingraham 10 for 10 list:

I like the list and put it on Travis Monitor blog, but its funny the RPT doesnt have their own Texas-based list and didn't bother to attribute. Maybe they need to wheel out that 'Pledge to Texas' again and do a refresh ...

My top 5 (er, 6) based on that top ten might be:

  • Protect the right to vote by requiring photo ID and citizenship verification
  • Keep lower electric rates while maintaining a clean environment
  • Make Texas a leader in K-12 and higher education (with choice, accountability and focus on science and math)
  • Make healthcare more affordable for families
  • Limit the growth of Government
  • Reduce and reform business and property taxes


eopiela said...

...Maybe because it needs no attribution since our communications director was Laura Ingraham's producer, and worked on it there. Will revise and clarify though....

loki said...

I would have smaller government at the top of the list, because as government grows, so liberties shrink- it is proportional.
Everything else is just details we can work out- they really are not that hard if you begin with the first premise.

Freedom's Truth said...

Good to know RPT will give attribution.

I appreciate that RPT is checking in and is on the ball.