Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Statist of the Economy & the Summer of Patriots

What Hath Obama Wrought? The State of the Obama Economy:

  • A 10-year federal deficit of $9 trillion — more than the sum of all previous deficits since America’s founding. Liberals are reduced to saying it's not so bad because it's no worse than living through a World War.
  • By the next decade’s end the national debt will equal three-quarters of the entire U.S. economy.
  • Unemployment hit 9.4 percent in July and is estimated to go to at least 10 percent.
  • The American economy will “shrink by 2.5 to 2.8 percent this year even as it begins to climb out of the recession.”
The pre-inauguration 'demo version' of Obama was Hope and Change. When we brought the box home, though, it became Hoops and Chains. We now have 9 trillion reasons to want to send it back.

UPDATE - but why is the stock market rising then? Let's stipulate that there will be no Great Depression but a recession that will be ending late this year. Unemployment is high, but is a lagging indicator. Another factor is the market is liking the failure of ObamaCare; as Obama falls, the market revives.

We had a wonderful happening this summer --- the Summer of Patriots. Patriots came to protests and townhalls and stopped the Obama machine.

Obama covered a lot of territory but, akin to stopping Hitler or Napoleon in moscow, patriots harried Obama's plans and he ended up beyond his supply lines and in a battle of attrition finds his agenda without needed support. This has FUNDAMENTALLY RESHAPED the future trajectory of American politics in the Obama era. Obama may indeed revive and pass something he can call an accomplishment, but the ground-shaking earth-shifting realignment that the liberals were hoping for is NOT supported by the 60% of Americans who are not liberals and hardcore Democrats. There will not be a New Deal II or massive Great New Society; you can put the LBJ and FDR analogies back on the shelf. Obama is stuck between Carter (choose one-term liberal incompetence) or Clinton (choose political face-saving triangulation).

Market watchers and political prognosticators are now observing the probability of a GOP rebound in 2010. Now the Obama agenda is known, quantified, and the bounds of it assessed, the smart money is able to predict - as Obama goes down the market will go up, and vice versa.

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