Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bringing American ideals and traditions back to the University

Too many Colleges and Universities have hollowed out the academic core and walked away from the responsibility of instilling American citizenship values and knowledge in their students, instead leaving them with cafeteria curricula, politically correct indoctrination, and multiculturalism. We need to fix this by encouraging Universities to create and deliver coursework that gives students a strong background in American ideals, institutions and traditions.

A new group called the Coalition for American Traditions and Ethics in Texas (CATE) rolled out in Austin today to address this issue here in Texas, to encourage Texas Universities to improve in the education of Western and American civilization. If you agree with the CATE you can go to and sign the petition:

“I agree universities in Texas should create coursework and programs studying Western civilization and American traditions to foster the development of civic responsibility and ethical character among college and university students. I support the CATE Texas mission and wish to join the coalition.”

More resources and articles on this topic.

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