Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Govt Agenda goes Clunkety Clunk

Another government program goes Clunkety Clunk - Cash for clunkers has been beset with missed deadlines, massive mis-estimate of demand (ended up spending 3 times the original program case), and car dealers left in the lurch for now with many getting no payments. Sure it's popular, it's a program to buy dollar bills for 3 dollars... But who'd a thunk a 'free lunch' could be so complicated? As one sarcastic commenter put it: 'I feel quite comfortable giving the government control over healthcare. What could go wrong?'

These kinds of mishaps help Obama sink further in polls, and forces the elites to dissect what is going wrong with Obama and his Hindenberg Obamacare, which they thought was a slam-dunk. Some say his misread his mandate: "the subterranian longing for racial expiation can hardly be confused (by rational people, anyway) as a longing for socialized medicine." Others talk of his inability to sell programs rather than himself. Nor does it help that Liberals are starting to notice the shady deals Obama engages in, and the Obamessiah sheen is wearing off.

Yet the fundamental issue is simple: It's the Big Government stupid. Big Government bailouts, then Big Govt Stimulus, then Big Govt Cap & Trade ... The American people see DC running amok and they don't like it. They SHOULD be outraged, because the President is not. The announcement of a $9 trillion debt increase in Obama's term should be an instant and stunning wakeup call. We've maxed out the credit card and we simply CANNOT afford to splurge on yet another tax-and-spend-and-regulate massive Government program.

Matt Welsh wrote above about the big government problem and in it identified top 10 Government power grabs under Obama:

1. The Stimulus ($787 billion)

2. The Omnibus ($410 billion)

3. Health Care Reform ($1 trillion?)

4. Cap and Trade.

5. Antitrust lawsuits against Google, et al.

6. Pay Czar.

7. Turning Pell Grants into an entitlement.

8. Having the Food and Drug Administration regulate tobacco.

9. Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

10. Federal Trade Commission overreach.

If President Obama attempts to 'fix' his problems with salesmanship, he will fail. The problem is fundamental: Obama has the wrong focus, the wrong agenda, the wrong priorities, and the wrong ideas. It is an ultimate act of mis-leadership by President Obama, and an act of ideology triumphing over common sense, that he pursues his command-and-control programmatic agenda, including these ten items, while failing to focus on economic recovery and private sector job creation as Job One.

Obama's Big Government Agenda is a clunker. Time to trade it in before it breaks down.

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