Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Austin Business Leader Speaks out on Healthcare Debate

John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, Inc. John Mackey started his business in Austin and is known as being exceptionally business-savvy. A former democratic socialist, John Mackey learned free market economics through owning and operating businesses. Many of the reforms that conservatives argue for are iterated by Mr. Mackey in his recent article in the Wall Street Journal.

Here is a summary of his 8-point plan:

1. Remove the legal obstacles that slow the creation of high-deductible health insurance plans and health savings accounts (HSAs).

2. Equalize the tax laws so that that employer-provided health insurance and individually owned health insurance have the same tax benefits.

3. Repeal all state laws which prevent insurance companies from competing across state lines.

4. Repeal government mandates regarding what insurance companies must cover.

5. Enact tort reform to end the ruinous lawsuits that force doctors to pay insurance costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

6. Make costs transparent so that consumers understand what health-care treatments cost.

7. Enact Medicare reform.

8.  Finally, revise tax forms to make it easier for individuals to make a voluntary, tax-deductible donation to help the millions of people who have no insurance and aren’t covered by Medicare, Medicaid or the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Well said, Mr. Mackey. We all recognize the need for reform and the need to cut the costs of medical services which will drive down costs for every American. These common sense reforms are necessary to achieve a cheaper and more balanced approach to health care and insurance through competition and deregulation.


Anonymous said...

you idiots! deregulation is what got our economy where it is now remember!

Anonymous said...

Dear anonymous:

You're the idiot. Socialized housing guaranteed by FNMA and Freddi Mac and supported by Democrats is what got our economy in trouble. But I know you only know the D-talking points about dereg being the culprit, and you don't even know what dereg was and how it didn't relate to the housing market collapse. Go study

Anonymous said...

"you idiots! deregulation is what got our economy where it is now remember!"

It's really unwise for someone who is both simplistic AND wrong to call other people idiots! Govt policy pushing sub-prime mortagages, PLUS loose money (see "Greenspan's Bubbles" for explanation of what happened) was the tinder for the housing bubble.
bubble bursting plus Democrats in Congress creates economic malaise.