Saturday, August 29, 2009

Doggett's ObamaCare Pep Rally

An account of the Doggett "pep rally". Having been unable to do real townhalls without in effect getting an earful from vast numbers of citizens outraged by ObamaCare, the liberals have instead been reduced to running pep rallies of the faithful that attempt to exclude ObamaCare opponents.

This rally was organized by among others Democrat operative and ACORN activist Mike Litt, who pumped the rally up on facebook and elsewhere: "Together, we will show the strength of support for President Obama's three reform principles here in Central Texas!" The Obama campaign (now "Organizing for America"), ACORN and the DNC have organized this rally using the same 'astro-turf' techniques that they accuse their opponents of using, and which the DNC is doing elsewhere, like Washington state.

How did the rally go down? A first-hand report from a non-liberal who attended and then walked out mis-speech on Doggett:

You didn't miss a damned thing ... at Doggett's health care rally. That's exactly what it was, a pep rally and not a town hall meeting. ... The capacity of the church was 1,200 but, by the time we got in, at least 900 of the seats were already filled by the Obama faithful. The lineup of speakers spewed nothing but b.s. about how un-Christian it was to be opposed to universal health care for everybody. The preacher, Jim Rigby, kicked off the worship service, falling all over himself expressing how terrible it is for people of faith to, "....even consider how awful it is to profess Christ and ignore the plight of the poor."

Than an attorney, Geoff Tudor, painted himself as a destitute emigrant from California and a victim of the insurance industry. He has a pacemaker battery that is about to wear out and, without health care, will surely die.

Our embarrassment of a mayor, Lee Leffingwell, talked about what a wonderful job he had done promoting universal health care in line with all the other mayors in the United States.

And then it was time for Doggett. When he declared that he didn't care what his constituents had to say and that he had his mind made up and that, ".....he was going to vote his heart", I got up and walked out.

I couldn't stand to sit through any more of the fecal matter and there were a lot of us who didn't stay for even as long as I did. I decided that the best way I could show my dissent was to leave in the middle of Doggett's speech and, since I was on the front row of the balcony and three of my similar-minded friends were with me, we were not invisible in our expression of our point of view. I can't say it for sure but I doubt if any of us managed to sit through the whole thing.

It was awful but I'm glad I went because it reinforces my understanding of the lemmings that continue to worship our liberal leadership and makes me more determined to resist them.

I would ask this liberal Rev Rigby if "universal health care for everybody" extends to the unborn, to those whose husbands want to pull the plug on them, and to the possible future victims of Government rationing of healthcare. If the answer is no, then perhaps the good Reverend is on the wrong side of the issue.

What the liberals don't seem to get is that having a successful rally in a liberal stronghold like central Austin will mean nothing. Preaching to the converted won't win anyone else to their side of the argument, and it's not like they needed this to get their talking points out there. The Democrats already have the Congressional majority. They already have the megaphone of the White House. Yet that won't change the realities of our $9 trillion deficit estimate for Obama's terms and the cold hard reality that ObamaCare would add more tax-and-spend burden on top of that unaffordable amount.

Doggett's failure to hold his own in real townhalls, his failure to allay concerns of senior citizens about Medicare getting squeezed and care getting rationed, and his willingness to create cheerleading rallies instead is a retreat. Which means this: The "Summer of Patriots" was a success for American freedom.


SG said...

I attended the rally. A lady from tried to get a few of us to leave saying we weren't invited.

I stayed through most of the rally and left when the last speaker got up.

You can read my account at

Thanks for posting what you saw.

Blanco Billy said...

As my wife and I approached the location of the "town hall" there was a parade of people with pro-Obamacare signs leaving the area. Why were they leaving? The church had reached its capacity of 1,200 people. Where were they going? Down the street to the AFL-CIO union hall where a simulcast was being shown. Very telling.