Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dogging Doggett - Saturday 8/29 rally event

The Congressional Democrats have tried a few tactics to get out their ObamaCare marketing without those pesky patriots asking pertinent ponderings, and Lloyd Doggett has been trying them all.

One tactic is phoning in the townhall - easy to put the protesters on 'mute' while you babble on ... Two friends of mine participated inlast night. Reports on Lloyd Doggett's tele-townhall held earlier this week are here and here.

The other tactic is to stack the meetings with your own supporters and tell only your side to show up. Doggett is trying that with a Healthcare rally on Saturday. Here is the event:

Congressman Doggett is hosting a health care rally on Saturday, August 29. We encourage citizens to go with thoughtful questions and discussion points.

What: Health Care Rally with Rep. Lloyd Doggett

When: Saturday, August 29, 2009 2:45 PM

Where: First United Methodist Church, 12th and Lavaca, Austin, TX 78701
Word has gotten out via the grapevine on both sides. If you want to be a part of the "Summer of Patriots", this may be a last chance to let Rep Doggett know what you think of ObamaCare.


Andy Greene said...

Thanks for posting this. Please attend. Also note: There are a lot of events going on this Saturday in this immediate area, so parking may be tight. Carpool if possible or plan to get there in time to park. This is not a Doggett town hall meeting and is not sponsored by the Methodist Church (FUMC). The groups that organized this rented out the meeting space. FUMC would welcome the opportunity for a congressman with an opposing view to speak or hold an event here on the same terms. Lastly, maintain order, be respectful and encourage everyone else to do the same. Uncivilized behavior does not help this situation at all. There will be a lot of moderates sitting on the fence watching this.

Freedom's Truth said...

"FUMC would welcome the opportunity for a congressman with an opposing view to speak or hold an event here on the same terms."

Do you speak for FUMC when you say this? I know that there are several possible opponents for Doggett who would be more than happy to take the opportunity to participate in a discussion.

Anonymous said...

There will be busses leaving from the UT parking lot on Dean Keaton starting at 1:30 PM. Just park and watch for them. Bring signs and bull horns and we'll shut this thing down!

SG said...

Thanks for posting this. It is certainly important for us to voice our concerns.

By all means, let's be:
- Respectful
- Determined
- Informed
- Unified

Let's also avoid extreme statements that hurt our credibility. There are some fundamental issues are true and a good place to focus:
- HR3200 takes away choice by prescribing where you have to buy insurance and eliminates high deductible plans
- In 1990, Medicare was 10X more expensive than the original projections. Where has the government demonstrated it can accurately project cost or reduce cost?
- The government grossly mismanaged cash for clunkers to the point 425 dealers in the New York area pulled out of the program. If the government can't manage a $3B program, why should we trust them with a $1T program?