Sunday, August 30, 2009

Astroturfing and Media Bias

This is unreported by NPR. who report Senior Groups Reject Health Care 'Scare Tactics is an NPR story. Alliance for Retired Americans is the group they tout in the story. "Protester Michael Gravinese ... isn't the only one who thinks his gray hair makes him a target for misinformation" for example.

Unmentioned is the fact that this is an AFL-CIO union advocacy group. Gravinese and Betty Zimmerman are AFL-CIO paid activists and Mike G. was "Employed by the Social Security Administration since 1974."

NPR fails to tell their viewers about this Classical astroturfing. NPR is silent on the subject and there is no mention of the UNION. They want the public to think it's just ordinary citizens. They also fail to mention that the unions have a $10 billion incentive to be for the bill.


SG said...

Without a doubt - The Media is biased. It is really shameful.

However, Michael Steele & the RNC set up NPR for that story. I wrote an article on my blog called "Unconscionable Pandering" which talks about Michael Steele's actions.

I had a liberal tell me that Michael Steele is discrediting the Right and sees him as one of the most valuable assets for the left. I agree with that assessment. Hopefully Steele will be replaced soon.

Freedom's Truth said...

1. I would be careful about believing what a liberal says about who does and does not help the left. Usually I take what they say and believe the OPPOSITE.

2. I'm not sure about the 'setup' aspect. I guess you are saying the RNC/Steele are pandering to the elderly lately. hmmm, but even if there is a story there, thats not the NPR story and how about NPR not using union potted plants as they tell that story? Seems NPR is pushing the discredited line that "its all fearmongering" ... well is it? not in my book. We WILL have rationing under a govt-structure healthcare regime.

SG said...

FT - Please don't read my comments wrong. I wasn't trying to counter what you said in your blog. I totally agree. There is a lot of bias in the media and NPR is certainly one of the offenders. I fully stand behind you on that.

The point of my comment was to say that Steele added fodder for the biased media to pounce on. I actually heard the Steele interview and Steele did very poorly.

I honestly think Steele is hurting the cause of conservatives and I'd like to see him taken out. The RNC needs a chairman that will do for the RNC what Dean did for the DNC. Steele is not that person. Karl Rove is a name that comes to mind.

No need to guess about what I'm saying about Steele. It is clearly stated in my blog. Take a read and feel free to comment.

Freedom's Truth said...

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

SG said...

Sorry for the confusion. I think we are fighting for the same goals and appreciate The Travis Monitor and your blogs on The Monitor.

Semper Fi!!