Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rep Ortiz (TX-27) Phones in his Townhall

H/T FR, Rep Ortiz (TX-27) won't do a real Townhall, so his opponent is doing it for him(!):

My congressman won't hold a real townhall meeting. He just wants to have a "telephone townhall" instead. Republicans and the local tea party group orgnanized a protest against Ortiz outside Solomon Ortiz' local office at 12:00 pm today. The Democrats tried to organize a counter protest by advertizing for a rent-a-mob on Craig's List. There were at least 250 people in front of Ortiz' office, and at least 80% were our protesters. I think Ortiz was out of the country lining his pockets.

On Wednesday, September 2, Ortiz will have a conference call from Washington with us peons here in his fiefdom. We who are working to unseat Ortiz have other plans. Two hours before the conference call, James Duerr, Ortiz' only delcared opponent for the Texas 27th congressional district in 2010, will have a real townhall meeting at the Ortiz center. At the end of the meeting everyone is invited to stay to listen in on the conference call with Ortiz.

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