Saturday, August 15, 2009

Blogs expose fake-doctor Obama plants in townhall

A student introduced herself falsely as a doctor in order to make a pro-ObamaCare statement at Rep Shiela Jackson-Lee's townhall. This fake doctor was busted by Patterico and LoneStarTimes, who discovered the fake doctor Roxana Mayer was not only not a doctor but a Texas delegate for Obama. LoneStarTimes further uncovered that fake doctor Mayer was sitting next to Obama organizer Maria Isabel. As Patterico put it "So you have two Obama activists sitting in the front together, one of whom invited the other via a listserv. One is a Che Guevara fan and the other lies about being a doctor." Patterico acknowledged the role of LoneStarTimes in exposing this:

UPDATE: As I reported last night, the Lone Star Times was the first to report Ms. Isabel’s presence, and her Che Guevara connection. What this post adds is the fact that Ms. Mayer was invited by Ms. Isabel (who is, by the way, one of Ms. Mayer’s Facebook friends).
Glenn Beck reports on fake doctor, while the Houston Chronicle, as shown in the above linked blogs, shows themselves to be pathetic at cross-checking sources, gullibly reporting Roxana Mayer as a doctor and then doing the minimal acknowledgement when the blogs broke the story and exposed the plant. Most of the stories the liberals tell are just that - stories.

Team Obama/MSNBC are manufacturing stories about Astroturf opposition to ObamaCare. Yeah right. 41% of Americans now STRONGLY disapprove of Obama and a majority prefer no healthcare reform to the monstrosity that Congress is contemplating, according to Rasumussen polling.

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