Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Young People and Social Issues

Some thoughts on why young people shifted to the Democrat lately led to a comment I needed to respond to:

"I think the younger people do not view gay marriage or even abortion as a concern."

Yes, there are many ignorant people who dont care about human rights of the unborn. Maybe some don't care because they have never seen a sonogram, watching a preborn human being in the womb have a 140/minute heartbeat. It's quite understandable. Many teenagers are self-centered and dont 'get' certain things unless they grow up a little. Some young males are pro-abortion because for the purely selfish reason it will get them out of tight spot if they get a girl knocked up.

Being concerned about marriage is not a big deal either for single people, unless you care about the future of our civilization and realize that the melting away of tradition marriage and families is sending us into a demographic civilizational decline (ie below replacement rate, out-of-wedlock birth rates are at historical highs etc.) For young single folks, family/shmamily is probably the thought. Single people do not 'get' family issues for the same reason white people dont 'get' concerned about racial profiling.

Most social conservative issues, such a life and family issues, are issues that people who care about the wider society and are guardians of our civilizational success would find of concern. Selfish people who havent yet grown up will never see it as a 'concern'. We *should* be educating children on the importance of family, wider understanding of life etc. but leftwing indoctrination stops that in schools and colleges. It doesnt happen, unless that young person is a good Christian or self-educates on conservatism. That is part of the story - the left is successfully indoctrinating kids away from sensible understandings of the importance of traditional American values.

Better then for the GOP to appeal to young people on bread and butter, like the fact that the Democrat economic agenda is the most ANTI-JOBS agenda in a generation - higher taxes, job-killing cap-and-trade and EPA regs, debts and deficits that crowd out private sector financing, etc. Young people certainly care about where they are going to get a job, and Democrats are hurting our future prosperity.

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