Saturday, April 25, 2009

Liberal Tortures Logic

And I have to respond:

"Anyone who defends torture is just mentally sick.”
Argument ad hominem. And torture was not used according to many of us.

“The fact that its inhumane and against the law means nothing to these people.”
False. The record shows that serious effort went in to ensuring everything was within the law.
Rich Lowry on the interrogation memos and legal advisories

“How about the people that were tortured that turned out to be innocent? ”
Name them. This statement is cetainly false. Waterboarding was used on only 3 individuals all of whom were well-known serious AQ terrorists with definite knowledge on future terror plans. One of them was Khalid Sheik Mohammed, responsible for 9/11 attack itself. Name the innocent individuals and the so-called torture used.

“Probably just collateral damage in the minds of the hardcore right. ”
False. You express only your own ignorance. The only desire here is to defend US security and keep Americans safe.

“John Yoo was basically told to write up some legal mumbojumbo that would make breaking the law, legal.”
False. He and other DOJ lawyers were asked to determine what could be done legally and that is what they did.

“My mind jumps to the point in Frost/Nixon”
After a parade of fictional statements, logical fallacies and strawman attacks, your mind jumps to a Hollywood movie. Egads, you’ve got a fiction-based worldview.

“Bush and John Woo can’t make law on the fly, this is far from being over and Bushco better start lawyering up.”
If any official act that was deemed legal but is found to be ex post facto illegal is cause for prison, the possibilities are endless … So when we find out that Gietner and Obama are violating the 5th amendment of the US Constitution by their takeover of US banks in converting pf shares to common, a clear ‘taking’ under the 5th, we can impeach and try them too and send them all to the same prison? Goody. Bring it on.

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