Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama's $100 million Joke

Jon Henke has a Newsflash: Politicians are not serious about the deficit. In other news, the Pope remains Catholic.

Obama is trying a PR stunt by declaring a search to reduce wasteful spending, but $100 million cuts out of $3,600,000 million is a JOKE. An utter and absolute joke. Almost a bad Austin Powers-level joke - Cue the Dr Evil music. It's like a binge eater slaking his thirst with a diet coke.

So I weighed in on this issue at Rick Moran's Place:

Liberal Talking Point: “A hundred million wasted is bad. Obama ended it. That’s good.”

Obama has wasted HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS. That’s BAD. The Democrats in Congress added $800 BILLION in so-called Stimulus (Porkulus) bill in Feb, $1,000 BILLION IN TARP III in March, $80 BILLION in S-CHIP EXPANSION in January AND $430 BILLION FOR THIS YEAR’S DISCRETIONARY SPENDING in March ($40 billion above what Bush was willing to spend). Oh, and an Obama budget that is almost $3 TRILLION ABOVE BASELINE, with almost a trillion for socializing medicine, and hundreds of billions in added energy taxes.

Lets do the numbers: $800 billion + $1,000 billion + $80 billion + $430 billion = $2,330 billion

So he added $2,330 billion in the last 80 days - $25 BILLION A DAY!!!

The .1 billion is a chump-change drop in the bucket. Obama could have saves 1,0000 TIMES this amount by simply not signing the wasteful extravagant bills he did. He could have controlled the earmarks that ran into the billions. He did not. He could have said ‘no’ to jacking up discretionary spending by double digits. He did not. He did the binge spending thing to pass his Big Govt expansion and now he does the token BS PR thing to create some useless talking points from his moron-robot followers.

Obama is peeing down our backs and telling us its raining and now he makes it up with a desultory insulting savings of less than a $1 a person - IN A BUDGET THAT WILL ADD $40,000 IN DEBT FOR EACH FAMILY IN THE NEXT 10 YEARS! It’s like an obese binge dieter announcing, between scarfing down BBQ ribs and an entire fried chicken, that they are now on a diet, where every third softdrink they consume will be a diet one.

A cynic asked if it just so happens to be programs added under Bush; yep, that’s the plan exactly. The Democrats in Congress saved a whopping $10 million ($10 million!!) killing off the DC Scholarship program; school choice is a No-No for Obama, who sends his own kids to private schools but has now condemned hundreds of kids who were benefitting from this small program, to substandard overly expensive public schooling in DC. It will save zero dollars net, since charter and private schools are cheaper (yet more effective) than DC public schools. But the NEA and liberal special interests must be obeyed!

This PR stunt fools nobody who can count - $100 million is pitiful. $100 BILLION could be saved from the $3,600 billion budget with ease. Or just look at Rep Paul Ryan’s budget that goes trillions below Obama’s baseline. Obama benefits from the adoring morons who cannot count and have no sense of proportion.

Liberal talking point: “When you consider he was left with a 1.3 trillion deficit for 09 from Bush.”

This is False. The Pelosi/Reid Democratic Majority Congress and Obama created this years deficit and are 100% behind everything in the budget that they wrote and they support. They ‘inherited’ nothing but their own creation.

The Democrats have been running the Congress since January 2007. Democrats have written the budgets for 2 years now. The Democrat budget for 2009 was never completed on time because Bush refused to sign on to the high level of spending that that Pelosi Democrat Congress wanted. So the Democrats passed only half a year of appropriations, then waited until Obama became President to get a bulked up, porked up, super-duper earmarked big-spending bill which added to the spending and deficit.

Which Obama signed.

Obama also demanded a Trillion dollar spending boondoggle bill, that was stuffed with pork, as a so-called ’stimulus’ bill. Obama also demanded another $350 billion in TARP money, the bailout bill the Democrat Congress passed and which Obama supported throughout. These Democrat Congress-Obama bills have added hundreds of billions to the 2009 duget deficit… Actually about $1 trillion.

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Obama is counting on our public school indoctrination. After all, it's really hard to think.