Sunday, April 26, 2009

How Would a Patriot Act?

I am thinking of writing a book about how a patriot could respond to the Obama administration. Think of it as Tea Partier's Guidebook to defending American liberty from a rapacious President and his leftist minions. In fact this title - "How Would a Patriot Act? Defending American Values from a President Run Amok" - would be a great title. It's a pity a leftist already used it in the Bush era.

But it got me thinking. There were so many anti-Bush books written whose titles could be renewed as critiques of the new administration... it could make it really easy to get those titles worked out. Here's are some of those Bush-era book titles and updated themes:

The Cheating Culture - a book about ACORN and how Democrats steal elections.
Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them - A book about new Senator and foul-mouthed dirtbag Al Franken
Tempting Faith - A book about how a President lies to religious voters would be well worth writing on Obama's "We are not a Christian nation" watch. He spent 20 years in Rev Wright's church, called him a mentor, and now in DC hasn't had much hankering for Sunday sermons. Hmmm.
Had Enough? - 100 days, yep, I've had enough, Mr Carville.
The Truth With Jokes - This was an unfunny Al Franken book, maybe we could do better with Dennis Miller writing it.
Big Lies - Liberals call conservatives liars for the crime of not agreeing with the liberal's opinions; we could do better. Just a book about Obama's campaign lies and broken promises so far, combined with the lynig media covering his tracks would fill a book.
Thieves In High Places - original was by Jim Hightower, surely a great title for the great TARP and Porkulus Robbery of 2008-2009
Is That a Politician in Your Pocket - Soros, Obama, Rezko, Blago, Spitzer, etc. The possibilities are endless.
The Great Unraveling - A critique of the arrogance of an administration that is destroying the Constitution and our economy. Let the iconoclastic Peter Schiff, an anti-Krugman-type realist who has railed against bailouts and Govt debt spending, pen it.
The Conservative Soul - Andrew Sullivan caught BDS in 2004 due to his gay marriage desires overwhelming his senses, and he created an anti-Bush screed in 2006 with an unlikely title; if he's true to fiscal conservative claims, his weak excuse for clinging to the conservative banner, he'd update it for the disaster that is the Obama administration. I'm not holding my breath.

Oh, and so many slogans too: "Obama lied. Jobs died." (Lied about the impact of the Stimulus bill. The Stimulus bill was supposed to keep unemployment under 8%. It failed.)

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