Sunday, April 12, 2009

Global Warming Skeptics Handbook

Via Skeptic's Corner, a valuable Global Warming Skeptics Handbook . This handbook summarizes in 16 pages the Global Warming debate. In short, it's all about whether more CO2 increases temperatures. Well, 60 years of data trends so far do not show a serious increase.

The IPCC models that predict future large increases due to CO2, (e.g., 1.5C-5C due to doubling CO2) are built on the rickety scaffolding of large positive feedbacks. Prof Lindzen on negative feedbacks impacting climate sensitivity shows how in fact there is significant NEGATIVE feedback in the climate data of the last two decades. What this implies is that doubling CO2 will lead to less than 1C increase in temperature. More evidence that AGW (man-made global warming) is not a crisis.

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