Monday, April 13, 2009

Liberals define their #1 enemy

A Liberal defines the enemy:

But finally, the enemy is clearly outlined. We can see it for what it is and what it always has been. It exists not in myth but in a reality which has plagued humanity for millennia: utter, hateful ignorance born from a fear of truth, indeed a fear of life itself; a mad and impotent pursuit of some long-forgotten ecstasy having spawned generations of paranoid power addicts who chase the past at the expense of the future, cloaking their real intentions in perfumed patriotism and the seductive swoon of religion.

Amazing. Who is this feared and horrible enemy? bin laden? Terrorists? Islamofascists? Somali pirates? Gangbangers? Serial murderers?

Nope. The Republicans. This mad Liberal (from Hollywood no less): "What is the difference between the Republican Party and, say, the Taliban? A rogue by any other name would smell as rank. "

Lovely. You see, the problem with Republicans is they are horrid backwards people, not like the enlightened Democrats. Not like the Democrats at all, who believe in peace and will punch you in the nose if you speak for law-and-order; who believe in tolerance, and will tell you "STFU" and call you a bigot if you point out they are otherwise; who believe in charity, and will take your money forcibly if you don't pay in your due as they see it.

Here's a response on Newsbusters that might, just MIGHT indicate the left's lunatic obsession and hate for Republicans, even with the GOP completely out of power. The Left knows the "sleeping giant" may awaken:

They own the Whitehouse, both houses of Congress and most of the Judiciary. So why are liberals still so angry? On paper at least, they have the power to put virtually whatever they want into law, so why should any feeble Republican opposition worry them in the least? This should be a dream come true to them. This way, when all of their massive spending programs succeed brilliantly, liberals can take all of the credit. Why do they feel the need to have Republicans climb into the Clown Car with them? If Republicans are truly on the wrong path why don't the liberals just let them bury themselves?

I'm still stinging from the biting attack delivered by the empty-headed Weber; another dopey liberal who went to a liberal arts college that was the equivalent of 13th grade. Using the favored liberal writing style that substitutes personal attacks for insight and analysis, Weber reveals more about his own intelligence and maturity level than he does about his targets'.

I think the liberals are worried. They've vastly overplayed their hand and the conservatives are beginning to organize. We don't want a president who bows down to foreign leaders, and we don't need to apologize because we haven't done anything wrong. We are reading Mark Levin's book to arm ourselves with the facts instead of feelings and emotions, and we don't need another idiot liberal actor telling us what to do. If you listen very closely you can hear the sound of Congress flipping in 2010...


MJSamuelson said...

Did you see this:

Coach Mark said...

I have said several times in the past that the only thing the Liberals have going is organization. The have a central communications point on the web (the Daily KOS), not to mention control of the companies that have given us nearly all of the great itnernet tools (Blogger, Google, et al.). They have control of the media through control of the universities and teaching forums. The Conservatives, on the other hand have many great speakers, and lots of great points. But, Conservatives have no central platform to support each other or speak from. If and when that ever happens, Conservatives will overwhelm the Loberals. But, until that happens, we are too fragmented to accomplish the task.