Saturday, April 18, 2009

We've Tried This Before (New Deal Cartoon)

The cartoon was published in 1934, commenting on FDR's New Deal. Change the names and dates, and it could be used today.


bluestar1 said...

The 1934 drawing is a perfect illustration for todays concerned citizens. There were concerns even during the Great Depression that the New Deal was socialism. But that worked out pretty well. In more recent history, Reagan signed a $750 billion stimilus that turned the economy around quickly and made fortunes for some overnight. During the economic boom of the 90's we had a surplus which was under a Democratic leadership which made it possible for the tax cuts under Bush's administration. We have history on our side.

Anonymous said...

"But that worked out pretty well. "

Umm.... no. FDR's economic mismanagement lengthened the Great Depression, while at the same time he opened the door to leviathan Govt. The original, most socialistic, New Deal was thankfully overturned by the Supreme Court. Then in 1937 FDR decided to pack the Supreme Court. The Congress rebelled.

FDR in WWII locked up Japanese in internment camps. Overall, FDR was the most anti-freedom President in US history.

Anonymous said...

"During the economic boom of the 90's we had a surplus "

The surplus was created as a result of the Newt Gingrich-led Republican Congress slowing down the growth of Govt spending from 1994-1999.

That's the solution we need now