Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blue Dogs

A rant about those unprincipled Opportunist Party members, called Blue Dog Democrats... Response to this:

“If I were to run in politics today, I would be a Democrat, although I would be a Blue Dog.”

Every single ‘blue dog’ is a hypocritical unprincipled liar, a Pelosi poodle who sucks up to a leftwing power structure in DC while lying to their constituents about who they really are. They are the enablers of the massive shift of USA to the left and as such should be considered as dangerous as the leftists themselves.

Every one of them is, like Specter, a member of the Opportunist party, putting power before principles.
It would be a great day for America if in the next election every single one of those Opportunist Sellout jerks were swept clean out of office.

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