Monday, April 13, 2009

How People Lose Their Freedom

Found here, a comment to a story of a farmer unwilling to sell out for a carbon trading scam, is a story on how people can get led astray by people they trust.

The following is an article that appeared in the book, Welcome to Hovezi, 1504-2004. The book was originally published in the Czech Republic in the Czech language and was translated and republished by the Texas Czech Genealogical Society. The following excerpt is found on pages 168-169 of the English translation:

Wallachian People Want to Know the Truth

Trying to get the most votes, the statement above was the motto the Communists came up with on Tuesday, May 14, 1946, at Horni Vsacko. The featured speaker was nobody else but Catholic priest, Father Bohus Cernocky, the Slatina in Silesia. It was understood that in an area with a high number of Catholics, the meeting would attract attention. Comrade (Father)Cernocky was accompanied by Comrade Klicha. Both of the were candidates of the UNS. In a stormy environment in front of the community house at Novy Hrozenkov, Cernocky tried to convince the present Christian voters that voting for the Communists was not in disagreement with Catholic faith. Using citations out of the Bible, he condemned rich people and the first republic, which did not have an understanding for the poor. A harsh discussion opened between Cernocky and the local chaplain, Father Dronger, who publicly stated that a God-believing person could not agree with the Communist ideology, which was anti-Christian. Comrade (Father) Cernocky tried to prove the opposite. Both Communist speakers, Kilcha and Cernocky, felt the situation could result with physical contact. They expressed their opinion that the meeting was deliberately put into chaos and most of the people supported their chaplain. (who said)

…Paragraph deleted here…

“The ideals of Christ, in the basic form, are in agreement with the requirements of modern socialism, as they are pursued by the Communist Party.”

There was no doubt that during the election campaign the faithful people trusted Comrade (Father) Cernocky, and they were tricked. It surfaced after the election. The Communists, Klicha and Cernocky were elected into the National parliament with the help of the local Christians. Antonin Surovcak, a local farmer and an honest man, was not elected.

After the Communist uprising in February 1948, Father Bohus Cernocky, advanced in his spiritual career. Unlike his spiritual brothers, who stayed true to the church and the bishops and were persecuted, he became the Provost of the Vysehrad’s Chapter. The good people of Wallachia, as they were called by the Communist weekly paper, Break Through, soon realized the truth. Unfortunately, it was too late. The permanently valid saying states: “Before they catch a bird, they talk to it in nice words.” It was true then and is true today as well.

How do people lose their freedom? We give it away, lured and sold out by sweet-talking liars who promise something for nothing. Now, reread the link and appreciate what this brave farmer did. How do we keep our freedom? By saying "NO" and holding fast to principles. The farmer who Said No closed with this:
I’ll leave you with a quote from Roy Disney: “Decision making becomes easier when your values are clear to you”

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