Thursday, April 23, 2009

Change Austin Endorses Carole for Austin Mayor

Change Austin on why Strayhorn is best for Austin. Carole Strayhorn is the change candidate for Mayor, for one because she won't be sucking Austin taxpayers with hare-brained bad deal after hare-brained bad deal. I am beyond shocked at the stupid, dumb, anti-taxpayer and wasteful things our Austin City Council has been doing. And it keeps getting worse. There is no accountability because the same clique of downtown environmentalists "run the show" when it comes to city elections. Voting for Carole would send a message that all of Austin can and should 'come to the table' - let's make the city better for all of us.

Read the Change Austin indictment of Leffingwell and McCracken and weep (for our city and tax dollars):

  • Both rushed a back room NO BID $2.3 billion energy deal with a wood chip burning plant in East Texas, bypassing Austin’s home grown clean energy options, outraging environmentalists and creating a $3,000 obligation for every man, woman and child in Austin!
  • Both supported a $250 million solar deal that will purchase its panels from China!
  • Both refuse to take a stand on forced blood withdrawals by the police of DWI suspects.
  • Both support a bill to more than double the citizen signatures required to trigger a charter election vote—as payback to real estate developers.
  • McCracken opposes neighborhood representation on the Council. Leffingwell's environmentalist rhetoric is a cover for bad deals like the unnecessary $400 million water treatment plant.
  • McCracken was an avid supporter of the Governor's wildly unpopular freeway-to-toll-road schemes, leading to a strong citizen's attempt to recall him.
  • Leffingwell misled Austin voters about the Domain shopping mall, telling us we had to “keep our word”, when the developer lied. So the Domain subsidy remains a voluntary annual gift by the City!
  • Leffingwell & McCracken - with friends like them, who needs enemies?

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The Christian Man said...

Good for her. I know my phone systems Austin-based company doesn't need any help, but I appreciate politicians that would.