Monday, April 13, 2009

Climate Depot

A new site called has been put together by Marc Morano, the bete noir of Global Warming fearmongerers.

With one click, I can see why. He links to the latest news undermining the "Global Warming is a Crisis" meme. Latest one, yet another scientist warning of global cooling ahead. He links to a review of a book that demolishes the IPCC view of climate. He links to a twitter'd up blog highlighting climate data that debunks the warming thesis. He links to this - A facebook group is organizing to fire James Hansen. See, now I joined it. Climate Depot is like getting special X-ray glasses that can see through the Globaloney Warming hype.

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dgmdan said...

I don't know how many people listen to the scientists that do climate research. In the mid 1990's most of them were skeptical of global warming and they set about doing research to find the causes. As it turns out they have eliminated most of the possibilities for global warming except one. Also, a point that is missed by most deniers, the temperatures around the world are averaged to find the temperature trend. A few places are cooler, a few hotter, but the average of those temperatures has been increasing.