Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thank You Arlen Specter

A big THANK YOU to Arlen Specter for leaving the Republican Party! There are those who think that the Republican Party needs to be a “big tent” party. They think we need people with a lot of differing ideas and that we have to be open to all points of view. If we accept all points of view, how are we different from the Democrats? If we don’t have convictions on what is right and wrong, how do we explain to voters what our Party stands for? With 50% or more of eligible voter sitting out Presidential elections do Republican’s want to appear as Democrat Light? How would Republicans answer those who say there is no difference in the two parties? If the Republicans just go with the popular ideas of the day, how do we claim to have intellectual honesty? How do we claim to have integrity?
Is the goal of the Party to be in power or is the goal to advance a conservative agenda? Can’t the Republican Party attract more people if it has a clear vision of right and wrong? Republicans should show they believe in God, the Ten Commandments, and Biblical Principles. We hold true to the belief that our rights come from God not the Government. The Constitution has meaning; the Federal Government is limited to a few enumerated powers, all other powers rest with the States and the People.
The Republican Party doesn’t need more people in office. It needs more people in office who show they have integrity. The Party needs people that know how to communicate their principles to the voters. The Party doesn’t need people that say socialism is just a different idea. The Republicans needs more people in office than are willing to say socialism is an evil idea because it destroys ambition, it destroys families, that it is stealing from those that work and rewards those who a lazy! The Republicans needs people that defend Capitalism because it makes all people better off, it rewards hard work and innovation. The Republicans need more people willing stand up for life. People willing to say, if you can ignore the science that life begins at conception, ignore the science of using DNA to define species, then the government can redefining any group as non-humans. If the Republicans do all of these they will find the majority of Americans will join them.

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