Sunday, October 4, 2009

To be pro-life you must be pro-liberty

Today is Respect Life Sunday. During the sermon at our church, the Deacon spoke on the topic in the context of today's readings, and while speaking out on abortion and euthanasia, brought up also other topics such as the 'right' to healthcare. It struck me that while the Church is clear on the moral standing of life (it is sacred), the application of that principle to areas of economics and public policy often lead it to appear to support policies that, while well-intentioned, end up not serving the desired end.

I could and perhaps one day shall write an essay on the point, but the essence of the thought boiled down to two points:

First - To Be Pro-life you must be pro-liberty, since it is in liberty that we both express and enjoy life. Second - policies have to be considered in the context of the real principles of incentives and logical consequences of those policies. For example, if ending capital punishment results in a increase in murder rates, thus increasing innocent deaths, is it pro-life?

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