Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicago Out, Unemployment Up

An Obama Fail moment. He diverts his attention and time from the more important issues like rising unemployment and Afghanistan to jet off to Copenhagen for a pitch to the IOC. Yet Chicago gets knocked out in the first round. The 2016 Olympics will not be held in Chicago; Madrid and Rio are the contenders.

This is also a Lamestream Media Fail moment, going gaga over the Obama speeches that were apparently unpersuasive, and apparently missing the boat completely that maybe other folks aren't Obma kool-aid drinkers like these journalists. CNN in disbelief as Chicago is eliminated. "The Ego has landed" touted Drudge.

Another angle on this news: He's a rookie, the President doesn't lend prestige to something unless its a done deal.

Meanwhile, back in reality, the unemployment numbers creep to almost double digits as both employment and economic activity in September shows tepid 'recovery'. The stock market has taken a hit past few days as disappointing economic news piles up. Obama fiddles while America is burning.

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