Saturday, October 3, 2009

GOP-Dem Murder-Suicide Pact

As noted in recent blog posts, the Democrats in power in DC are hell-bent on breaking any rules of sane governance and listening to the people in a mad rush to 'not waste a crisis' and expand Government in the healthcare.

But a Democrat strategist finds some silver-lining hope in the current low popularity of the Republican party - "Meanwhile, Fox has Republican favorability actually declining, from a ratio of 45/49 just before the 2008 elections, to 41/50 in April, to 36/53 in July."

He acknowledges the Democrats are losing popularity. So what's going on? The Democrat policies are losing popularity, but the alternatives are not coherently expressed or fairly admitted in mainstream media accounts, so GOP opposition doesn't win over voters. Media bias may be skewing perceptions. Kilgore claims:

"It's possible, and perhaps even probable, that the GOP strategy for 2010 is to create a political environment so toxic and voter-alienating that Republicans can win a very low turnout election.."

It's more probable that the environment is getting toxic due to Democrat attempts to call dissenters 'traitors' and 'racists' and this can and will change should the GOP present a coherent and positive alternative.

UPDATE: Charles Blow's oped admits to the rise of a conservative backlash, assumes it is only fear and anger and that "fear is fleeting and anger subsides" and asks: "Where are we along the arc of anxiety? If it persists, it could spell real trouble for the Democrats a year from now." Left unstated is the more likely possibility that it is not the status quo that animates conservatives, but a desire to move away from the Big Government Status Quo that is operating right now.

It seems the real sucide pact is being cooked up on the Democrat side. First, when bills are debated, they spend more time attacking the Republicans then working towards compromise. Then they ignore the concerns of the people with regards to spending. Then they pass a bad bill on a partisan basis, watch it not work, then ... blame the Republicans.

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