Sunday, October 25, 2009

Deconstructing Journalism

So the left-wing hates Fox News. That's not news. What is news is the foolish Obama White House is attacking Fox News. The Other State-run media channels play ball and don't criticize Obama, but not FoxNews. FoxNews keeps finding embarrassing realities that the rest of the State-run Obamamedia willingly ignores - ACORN scandals, Van Jones, Obama's lies about what's in HR3200 and ObamaCare, Anita Dunn's love of Mao, etc. INCONVENIENT TRUTHS that need to go away.

Solution? Deride FoxNews and isolate them so the 'news' they report on doesn't 'leak' out into the official media. Leftie journalists like Joe Klein doing the bashing FoxNews while lamenting Obama's misguided attacks turns non-news into news. Ironic that last week the liberal media was fabricating quotes to bash Rush Limbaugh and this week they are tut-tuting about journalistic manners. Agit-prop media flak outfit Media Matters got tired of trying to do the CYA memo for their puppet-masters in the Obama administration and went to cut off the source of the 'problem' - the dissenting media, which is embodied in FoxNews.

Yet what is the purpose of the media if all they do is fall in line behind the Obama White House narrative? How many journalists are actually required if you are just parroting talking points from the DNC? There purpose is not to spread information, but to reduce it. The fewer things said, and the more trivial the story the better, to distract from the real stories that are left unreported and un-remarked.

Who needs "news" outlets to act as intermediary for the news, when their act is solely to edit out anything that doesn't fit The Narrative? It becomes a sorry act of manipulation and dumbing-down of reality. Media consumers are left with a different choice - stay uninformed or go online and pick and choose from among a variety of sources to find out what's going on. If you are reading this, you've picked Door #2 - don't forget to bookmark us and come back to find out what the MSM isn't telling you.

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