Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's time to Audit Cap Metro

In the wake of the resignation of the President of Cap Metro, and the continuing failure of the light-rail boondoggle to get even a single train up and running, a call for the Travis County commissioners and to the Austin City Council to conduct a thorough audit of Cap Metro:

Mayor and Council Members:

Austin is the largest municipality in the Capital Metro region and provides some 96% of the sales tax revenues for the operations of Capital Metro. I urge you to insist on an immediate independent financial and operations audit of Capital Metro for the following reasons:

There are many indications there has been a gross lack of transparency and numerous misleading and incorrect recordings and presentations of Capital Metro's financial performance and projections which seem to be designed to purposefully hide Capital Metro’s poor performance and mistakes and to deceive and mislead the public.

The fairly recent departure of a long term Capital Metro board chairman, the current departure of the long term Chief Executive and the poor performance and apparent irregularities all make it obvious that a financial and operations audit is appropriate and demanded to provide a sound baseline for the future operation of Capital Metro.

Best regards, Jim Skaggs

We second that emotion. It's time to Audit Cap Metro.

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