Friday, October 2, 2009

A Rant About Rio

A Debunking of leftists in massive post-Obama-olympic-fail spin mode:

#4 “I just don’ see how the GOP celebrating a loss of prestige as a long term winner. ”

Nobody is ‘celebrating’ except in Rio. As for ‘loss of prestige’ that is a true yawner. Didnt Obama tell the UN we are not above other nations now? shouldnt Obama supporters treat Rio’s win as no big deal then? Its no BFD in my view.

#7 “For Obama it was a no win situation because people would have complained about if he hadn’t shown up.”

Nonsense. It would have been a non-issue presidentially if he didnt put his personal charm on the line in the effort. I don’t recall a single personage outside his coterie of Chicago cronies calling on him to make that particular trip. In the end, it was a futile waste of his time. He made a mistake. Move on.

#12 “This was your typical right wing, transparent, whiny, hypocritical, mountain out of a molehill, sour grapes, white noise, anti-American, echo chamber issue to begin with”

Please … breathe into the brown paper bag … slooowly. 12 hours since the announcement, and you’ve gone ‘mountain out of a molehill’? Project much?!?

We now have MSNBC in full meltdown, falsely claiming right-wingers *wanted* Obama/Chicago to fail. (well, concern over taxpayer-bilking and corruption that could arise was out there, but nobody actively opposed Chicago’s bid, that’s nuts.)

And now the vapid “criticizing Obama means you want America to fail” meme. …

#12: “The right has been rooting for America to lose so they can blame Obama and his “leadership skills””

This kind of “Blame Righty” left-liberal spin is both predictable and utterly insane. Point out that Obama goofed up and you get called “traitor” by lobotomized lefties. Are they incapable of taking any criticism of The One? Or noticing he might just be The Clod Who Goofed? That “our country” and “our Goverment” and “the current occupant of the White House” are 3 different entities? Their skin thickness is measured in nanometers. Bizarre!

None of those on the right are ‘rooting for Obama to ‘fail’'. We are merely observers, akin to watching a drunk driver on the road, predicting and fearing the inevitable wreck that will follow. We lament not cheer the consequences of Obama’s leftism and ineptitude. Predicting Obama’s screwups, pointing out Obama’s screwups, and analyzing Obama’s screwups is NOT the same as ‘rooting for’ his screwups to happen. That ball is in Obama’s court. HE is the leader, and HE is responsible for what happens to him - not the powerless right.

Personally, I am rooting for Obama to get a visit from the ghosts of Washington, Lincoln, and Reagan and wake up tomorrow a changed man. I can only hope.

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