Saturday, October 24, 2009

Live Speaker List for NFRA Convention Today in Reno

Chris Simcox

Eric M. Jackson
Presented a strong defense of capitalism, rooted in the Bible and in empirical evidence.

Sam Paredes
Presented a challenge and plan to go on the offense against our political enemies.

Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave
Talked about how the left is fearful of real feminism, i.e. the feminism of Sarah Palin, of herself, Marilyn Musgrave, and Michelle Bachman. She talk about how candidates should reject any criticism that they are too conservative.

Rabbi Nachum Shifren
Orthodox Jew who did not use a mike because today is the Sabbath: Candidate for California State Senate, District #26

Floyd Brown
"If a candidate says they are fiscally conservative but socially moderate they will only vote 60% conservative on fiscal policy." "At some point traditional values will prevail."
He urged people to get involved with Americans for Prosperity.


Congresswoman Michele Bachmann

Delivered a pre-recorded address for the NFRA delegates. No need to say that she spoke with eloquence, wit, and was a great encouragement to all who heard her.

Randy Pullen

Talked about the importance of sticking with our conservative principals. Mentioned that Arizona is leaning toward the Republican Party. Choose bold colors, not pastels. He recognized the hard work of Arizona RA members present in the room. He quoted Ted Cruz on the marvel of standing invertebrates (i.e. politicians). How we communicate is often more important than what we communicate?

Tawfik Hamid

He arrived at the convention directly from Jerusalem Friday night.
He talked about how he was brainwashed into Jihadist mindset. When a young Muslim child he wanting to seek and find God but instead was taught to hate and kill the infidels (us). He rejected this mindset by confronting the Jihadist mindset while not rejecting Islam. He described the outcome of the Jihadist mindset as:

Apostates killing.

Beating women and stoning women to death for adultery.

Calling Jews pigs and monkeys.

Declaring war on non-Muslims to spread Islam after offering non-Muslims three options – subjugate to Islam, pay Jizia (a humiliating tax), or be killed.

Enslavement of other human beings.

Fighting and killing Jews before the “End of Days”.

Gay killing.

The enemy is against us because of our values of freedom and liberty. It is darkness against light. It is hate against love. Being passive against evil is itself evil. Radical Islam is reality. If you ignore the reality of radical Islam, radical Islam will not ignore you.

He said that Daniel Pearl, the Jewish journalist who was beheaded, just wanted love and peace for the world. If we do not stand against evil then what happened to Daniel Pearl could happen to us. He shared words that he had written to Daniel Pearl after his barbarous death at the hands of the Jihadists. These are some of those words:

“Daniel, I swear that I will never let your name to be erased from history...and I will write your name on the mountain tops....They not only killed you but they killed civilization...If they killed you because you were a Jew then I too am a Jew.”

Colin Hanna
He spoke of the attacks on our freedom as the greatest internal threat to our civilization next to the external threat of radical Jihadism. He spoke of low versus high view of the Constitution, comparing it with low versus high view of Scripture (e.g. seeing the Constitution as a living document is taking a low view of the Constitution while seeking to understand original intent is taking the high view).

Economic freedom is under attack under Obama by placing more and more of the economy is under government control. Next he talked about government schools, government child care, pro-life vs. abortion issues, heath care reform--"Grandma is not shovel ready." Connecting the Obama dots........"OMG, Saul Alinsky is in the White House."

Reading List
Saul Alinsky's: Rules for Radicals (know your enemy)
Michele Malkin, Culture of Corruption
Glenn Beck, Arguing with Idiots
Wheeler and Leitner, Shadow Government

He ended by saying that around June 2009 the tide changed, starting with the TEA Parties and reaching a symbolic milestone on 9/12/2009. The American people are now with use. We can win. Otherwise we are in deep trouble.

Lance Fairchock
Spoke about a group of five people in the White House who essentially control the press by controlling the flow of information and propaganda. Sin of Omission - keeping inconvenient information from the public by just omitting it. Examples: Kerry's Military Record; Edward's Infidelity; Sept. 12th political demonstration. Sin 0f Commission - The "peoples right to know" is used as an excuse to report falsehoods.

Problems with the press:
Dramatic pictures...
Advocacy journalism (i.e. propaganda)

He showed examples of Hezbollah's press manipulation
. First example was reported by US New & World Report. Second example was a story of Iranian's "ICBM's" missile that reportedly could reach Europe but which in reality could not reach farther that a few hundred miles and whose accuracy are measured in miles. Then he showed many ways that photographs can be doctored/manipulated (photoshop).

He would have told us more but then he whould have to kill us as it would be classified information.

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