Thursday, October 22, 2009

We are all Emmanuel Goldstein

Penn Jillette ripped for appearing on Glen Beck program by Tommy Smothers (who?), and a key comment on it:

Readers of Orwell’s 1984 will remember Emmanuel Goldstein, enemy of the state of Oceania, whose face appeared daily on TV screens everywhere, with narration describing his latest wickedness against the state, and the “proles” whipped themselves into a frenzy of rage in what was called The Two Minute Hate. For US (pseudo)liberals, Beck is now Emmanuel Goldstein. And there are others: Bush, Cheney, and now Sarah Palin. The left’s irrational hatred of these figures resembles Nazi hatred of Jews, and it serves the same purpose. The hatred unifies the masses and distracts attention from the fact that US “liberalism” is philosophically bankrupt, utterly corrupt, and destructive of individual liberties. Smothers was just doing The Two Minute Hate as directed.

The Left is practicing the politics of isolation. We are all Emmanuel Goldstein, all subject to the whims of the technique, should we dare to cross the line into dissent from the New World Obama-nation.

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