Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stop the Subsidies - Support Prop 2

The Travis County Republican Party has officially endorsed Prop 2, supporting a call to eliminate subsidies for Domain and other retail developments. It's an obvious good thing to eliminate this unnecessary subsidy, which goes above and beyond mere property tax rebates and provides sale tax rebates. This pits one retail development against other existing developments and does nothing to really add jobs or economic activity in the community; rather it just lines the pockets of some developers at the expense of other taxpayers and property owners.

For these reasons, the Republicans are on board support for Proposition 2, now supported by groups across the ideological spectrum from left to right. Got this message from Linda Curtis of "Stop Domain Subsidies" noting the convergence:

Now, wrap your brain around this. Tuesday night the Travis County Republican Party made it unanimous that all political organizations (who never agree on anything!), are now supporting Prop 2.

This morning, the Chronicle joined with the developers, Chamber and City Council to line up against Prop 2!

What's the Chronicle opposition really about? As we see it, The Chronicle's fundamentally trusts the City Council to take care of us Austin citizens and small businesses. What planet do they live on and who do they talk to? Did they call any of the merchants like Tim League of Alamo Drafthouse, or Michael Parker, Opal Divine's or any of the 500 merchants who support Prop 2? Does the Chronicle see that there's a problem with how the City makes decisions "for us"?

The Austin City Council made a mistake to sign up for this bad deal in the first place, so why trust them now? Either way, the right vote is to vote FOR Proposition 2.

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