Sunday, October 5, 2008

Republican Party Offers Hope for the Future

We have all heard about the “hope” that Barack Obama professes to bring to mainstream Americans during this election cycle. The Democrat nominee for President is not the only person offering hope for Americans. The Republican Party offers just as much hope, if not more, for tackling the issues facing our country today.

As delegates returned home from the Republican National Convention this year, there was a sense of pride in our platform, our country, and our candidates. While we do not all agree on every issue, the Republican Party Platform gave many Republicans hope for future generations. Holly Hansen, a Republican National Delegate from Round Rock, TX, said,

“The portions of the Republican Party Platform that give me the most hope for future generations of Americans include those on reforming government and developing energy independence.

“The new platform calls for constraining the ‘federal government to its legitimate constitutional functions,’ and not pretending that ‘government is a substitute for family or community.’ It also outlines a plan for controlling spending AND for a stop to earmarks. Furthermore, the platform relies on tax relief to grow the economy by calling for greater exemptions for dependents, banning internet access taxes, ending the death tax, and repealing the alternative minimum tax (AMT).”


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