Thursday, October 2, 2008

Obamesque - A future meme

"Orwellian" needs to be replaced by "Obamesque" as a description of the Soviet-style misuse of language.

His wealth redistribution plan that he calls a 'tax cut for 95%' is sticking in my craw. In 1992, Clinton did his "Clintonesque" think and make a promise he broke soon after; the 'middle class tax cut' went poof when Clinton said "he tried as hard as he could" but he couldn't do it after all.

Obama is more blatant ... more ... Orwellian. He proposes a Marxist redistribution of wealth and calls it a 'tax cut'. The recipe for this lie? First, he double-counts and takes credit for Bush tax cuts that he opposes. Then he adds a welfare payment on top, and THEN he gouges the highest income earners (pushing their total tax rates above 50% in some states). It taxes the top income earners and gives a welfare check (a 'refund') to people who don't pay income taxes. That's not a tax cut, that's let-wing progressive income tax redistributionism. It's more Karl Marx than Ronald Reagan.

To misuse terms like "tax cut" like that is .... OBAMESQUE.

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