Monday, October 13, 2008

Michael Williams Unveils Campaign Tour Bus

Austin, TX--

This morning in Austin, TX, Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams unveiled his new campaign bus and launched a 21-day campaign tour of Texas. The bus runs on clean-burning natural gas produced in Texas!

Michael Williams has been a major proponent of energy independence and using renewable energy resources such as clean coal, nuclear power, natural gas, and wind for the ten years that he has served Texas in his position as Railroad Commissioner.

Under Michael Williams guidance, the Texas Railroad Commission promoted energy independence and promoted the use of Texas energy resources, all while maintaining a balanced budget and exploring free market solutions to our energy needs. The Railroad Commission, despite its title, is actually the regulatory board for energy resources in Texas. Williams said the focus for his office in the upcoming 81st Legislative Session will be finding ways to utilize our renewable energy resources through free market incentives instead of tax increases.

Williams launched his tour today from the Travis County Republican Party Headquarters while serving dozens of his supporters breakfast. Also in attendance were Jerry Mikus and Pam Waggoner who are both running for State Representative seats in Travis County.

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