Thursday, October 2, 2008

Change That Will Cost Us

Obama's Tax Cut Lie: He has a welfare payment for people who don't pay taxes at all and calls it a 'tax cut':

Many of the "cuts" for lower-income people are actually "refundable tax credits." Rather, they are checks from the government handed to people who don't pay income taxes. This spending, of course, is paid for by other taxpayers.

What Obama offers the middle-class in reality is nothing more than an extension of the Bush tax cuts, tax cuts that Obama and the Democrats voted against making permanent and said were bad. By mislabelling this Marxist redistribution of wealth a 'tax cut', Obama is bamboozling the American voter. The Obamedia is complicit in this bamboozling, refusing to expose the Obama campaign lies and distortions, and doing all they can to distract voters from Obama's extremist record and plans, and his corrupt friends and supporters. Taxpayers, protect your fannie!

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