Thursday, October 2, 2008

Prolifers: Obama is an extremist opponent of prolife cause

A comment on why Palin is having tough sledding among some women (supposedly 'in the middle'): "It’s the pro-life business more than anything, no use being coy. "

My comment:

If that's the hidden agenda from the Palin-hating womyn, by all means, bring it out into the open. Pro-partial-birth-abortion and pro-taxpayer-money-for-abortions Barry is an extremist on this issue.

Governor Sarah Palin has walked the pro-life walk by giving birth to a special needs kid that some women would slice and dice at 20 weeks gestation. Sarah Palin happens to know that life begins at conception and has a grounded moral belief about the matter. Obama thinks the protection of human life is above his pay grade (well, so is the white house above his pay grade then).

If there are people in this so-called 'middle' attracted to:
- Obama's refusal to give legal protection to born alive victims of abortion,
- his insistence on taking away (in Federal law) the right of states to democratically determine restrictions on abortions,
- and his appointment of liberal activist extremists (like Ruth Bader Ginsburg) who will gut the Constitution in order to mis-interpret the right to abortion-on-demand,
well ... shoot ... that's a "middle" that is way, way, way extreme on the whole fetus-killing business.

Let the pro-abort extremist feminists stick with Obama's taxpayer-funded-pro-abortion-on-demand extremism. The REAL middle, the decent people that understand the humanity of the unborn and the moral problem with killing the unborn for convenience, will give pro-life Sarah Palin and John McCain an honest look.

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