Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama and the end of American enterprise

A comment on the Obama election that encapsulates the choice America faces:

We all know that America has maxed out her credit card and it’s time to rein in spending, live within our means, and pay down the debt. Obama’s solution to the financial mess is to apply for another credit card.

I spoke by phone earlier today with my father-in-law. He is a lifelong Democrat. He owns a very, very successful key manufacturing business. He has no ddomestic competitor, and his customers are worried about what happens if he closes his doors, because he makes a product that every business needs to operate. He has 2 acres of manufacturing plant under roof, a multimillion dollar book, and just over 100 employees. He takes VERY good care of them, and has always been a progressive.

He is 69 years old. Neither my husband nor my sister-in-law are interested in taking over the business.

My father-in-law fled the communists and lost many family members. He has strong feelings about it.

He shocked me tonight when he said he had announced to his staff that in his opinion, Obama is a communist, and he has seen his kind of politician before. The voter fraud, the suppression of free speech, the manipulation of the media, etc.

He then stated, I am 72 years old. I can not fight the communists a second time. As you now, neither my son nor my daughter want to take over this business.

If Obama wins, I am closing the business. I have already had offers for the equipment from one of our foreign competitors.

I can not, and will not, support Obama to take this country down a path to socialism and ruin.

This election is important, because the future of our country is at stake. I urge you to vote, and I urge you to think and research Obama’s past before you cast your ballot. What has he done that has improved the lives of his voters in Illinois? Have they been uplifted? What are his successes in tackling the challenges of poverty in his own district?

I was blown away. It was unbelievable to me that this very soft spoken man would make a political speech to his employees. My mother-in-law said his voice was shaky and it was hard for him to get through his little speech. According to him, he is not alone. Many of his other friends who are businessmen say it will be time to close up and retire if Obama wins. It will be hard for Obama to implement his policies if the entreprenurial class in this country refuses to go along.

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