Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate Round 3 - the unasked questions

About the Obama-McCain debate: Yes I noticed too that Obama is running as a fiscal conservative, despite the fact that nothing in his past record indicates he will govern in that manner. The last Democrat who used the middle-class tax cut gambit was Clinton. He never passed it, and Obama has zero record to back up his rhetoric on taxes. So why do people fall for it? Call them ADHD voters.

Debate missed many issues, like abortion, immigration, culture/values issues, and of course the questions about Obama's associates, background. McCain inserted his talking points on Obama's record, but it was mostly a talking-point ping-pong.

One very important question was left unasked, given that Obama is likely to get Carte Blanche with the Democrats should he win:

"Senator Obama, you've been running on change. Do you think the Democratic Congress led by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid has been doing a good job, and do you support keeping the status quo Democrat Congress or changing it?"

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