Saturday, September 27, 2008

Rathergate II - CBS edits interview to harm Palin

CBS does a splice job on Palin interview to make her look bad, mismatching questions and answers to make her answer sound non-responsive. CBS needs to release the full unedited interview; they have done another "Rathergate" in their desperate attempt to help Obama win the election. They excised moderate comments and misamtched questions and answers.
Pink Flamingo."If you read the edits, Palin does not look like an idiot. That's the whole point. Couric had to make her look bad."

This is journalistic malpractice, with a clear intention and agenda of diminishing Governor Sarah Palin that apparently has worked.

It gets worse. American Prowler reported: "...CBS New anchor Katie Couric ordered staff to drop all references to "Governor" or "Gov." from her interview with Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin."
And "Producers and editorial staff at both NBC and ABC report that fellow staffers have openly ridiculed Palin, her professional and personal background and her family during production meetings, in the editing bays during video editing for nightly news stories, and while covering Palin at political events...."

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