Sunday, September 28, 2008

President Obama? Kiss Your Free Speech Rights Goodbye

There is much to be truly frightened by in the prospect of a President Obama. A man who, like Jimmy Carter, will likely give away the national security store. A man who engages in economically destructive class warfare and will further destroy America's heritage as the 'land of the free'. Barack Obama is a liberal Senator, a near-socialist who will throw billions at leftwing special interests. After all, he was a leftwing community activist for many years.

But the worst will be Obama's assault on the first amendment. A case in point is how in Missouri, Democrat DAs will arrest and charge people for anti-Obama statements.

RedState puts it thusly:

Like every megalomaniac in history, Obama's recent attack on free speech is designed to intimidate and punish dissent of a rise to power--it is always the first ploy of those with tyranny in mind. His form of Big Brother is legal maneuvering, hordes of Internet trolls spreading malicious lies and disruption, class warfare, and physical threats if they (the radical far left marxist socialists/communists) don't get what they want in this election. But once elected, it won't stop at free speech!
The diarist reports these incidents and additional links:

1) More Obama gangland tactics: Signs banned at Virginia rally today

2) Are We Becoming an Obama Police State?

3) Missouri Prosecutors, Sheriffs 'Target Anyone Who Lies' About Barack Obama

4) Say The Wrong Obama Thing, Get Arrested — Not So Fast Says Missouri Gov.

5) Obama Campaign Tells TV Stations Not to Run NRA TV Ads

There is more:

Obama goon squads shut down a blog with hacker attacks. A comment says:
This is not the first blog to have been hacked by Obamabots. A couple of Hillary fan websites that have come out for McCain/Palin have also been hacked and had to change servers. A website called "The Real Barack Obama" has also been hacked a number of times.

This is the way of Campaign Obama. Hack into websites (like Bill O'Reilly's) when anyone dares to question their Messiah. "Get In Their Faces" is the new rallying cry. Threaten, intimidate, harrass, all signs of how an Obama administration will be.

Macsmind is just another reason why the most socialistic candidate this nation has ever seen must be defeated.

Govern by the Constitution? Nope, it will be governing by Saul Alinsky and the Communist Manifesto.
This kind of attacks on free speech is what Obama meant when he told people to 'get into the face' of his opponents. Go out there and harrass and harangue and lie and smear. I have a sinking feeling that 2008 will take us back to 1984.

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