Friday, September 26, 2008

A Quick Point on "Rights"

The liberal Democrat platform has tried to make many things rights over the last 60 years. One of those is "affordable housing." What this really means is that people who cannot qualify to purchase a home because of poor credit and job history, are now receiving credit due in large part to the demands Congress put on Freddie and Fannie in the 1990's and 2000's.

When rent controls were proven to not provide sufficient affordable housing, the new policy that was brought forward is the "right to credit" to force private institutions to make bad loans. We are now seeing how that is ending up as the taxpayers are now asked to bail out the banks and in essence, subsidize "the right to affordable housing."

The philosopshy of liberals is misguided. There are no rights to success in America; only the right to pursue success, which can and does lead to failure many times.

Of course, you can always follow the money. In unearthing this scandal, you will find that many ranking Democrats, including Congressman Frank, Senator Kerry, and Senator Obama, are receiving PAC contributions from Freddie and Fannie to perpetuate bad lending practices and to achieve the socialist goals of the liberal elite.

The liberals have succeeded in guaranteeing affordable housing, not through legislation and elections, but through scandals and underhanded deals with monopolistic banks that are now controlled by the government and taxpayer money. The "banks" can now make "business policies" for lending practices and, if Congressman Frank has his way, the government will become the landlord for homes in America with the courts making decisions as to property rights, loans, and evictions.

If you continue to follow the money, hold on to your pockets for the next "right." The next "right" that the liberal elite want to guarantee is health care. We have to look for the next "crisis" which will lead to a socialization of health insurance and medical care through more taxpayer funded bailouts.

Conservatives are losing the war on philosophy by not being active in the debate and maintaining partisan rancor. The debate on these philosphies and shifting to personal responsibilities is the key to creating a better society for all. More failing bureaucracies is not the solution.

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