Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bill (Ayers) and Barack's Unexcellent Annenberg Adventure

Obama, Ayers and Annenberg connection is getting investigated. Some bottom-line comments:

So at least the CAC is on the record in our paper of record. Given that it occupied seven years on a critical policy matter in the young life of the Democratic nominee, one wonders why it took so long.

It's obvious, of course, why Obama never mentions it:

* the CAC was an abject failure - their own research, which Rolling recently tried to prevent the public from seeing - concluded the effort had "no effect" on student outcomes;
* and, of course, while sharing a fox hole with the unapologetic former terrorist Bill Ayers in the Chicago School Wars is harmless if one is planning, as Obama was at the time, on stepping into the shoes of the late black Mayor, Harold Washington, it is altogether a different matter when one is running for President of the United States.


Tracy Karol said...

Thanks for the boost! Please don't confuse me with an Obama Democrat, though - I'm Independent and always will be. I voted for John McCain in 2000 and am thrilled he's the nominee now. I have, however, always voted for Dems in the past -- before it became the party of Obama. And trust me, that's not something easy to do in Williamson County, where I vote (living outside the city limits). Happy to "meet" kindred spirits and hope to catch up with you in person.

Tracy Karol said...

I should have said besides 2000, I have always voted for Dems...sorry! My one presidential vote for a Republican was in the 2000 primary for John McCain -- whom I have always believed in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming to visit. stay in touch!