Friday, September 12, 2008

Commissioner Williams to Debate Opponent

Texas Railroad Commissioner, Republican Michael Williams, announced that he will debate his challenger Mark Thompson in the near future. Details have not yet been worked out for a time or venue as of this morning.

"I'm looking forward to a productive discussion on energy policy and the role of energy in Texas' future," said Williams.

The Texas Railroad Commission is comprised of three elected commissioners. The role of the Railroad Commission is to regulate oil and natural gas in Texas. Needless to say, the three commissioners of the Railroad Commission have a big hand in creating energy policy for Texas.

Texas is responsible for 1/4 of all of the United States domestic oil production and gasoline refining. Because of the business friendly community that the Railroad Commission and the State Legislature have worked towards, Texas has been able to take the lead in finding clean and safe ways to increase domestic oil production while also moving into wind, clean burning coal, and solar production. Michael Williams is one of the big reasons why Texas has been able to take the lead on energy issues.

Keep yourself updated on the upcoming debate through this link.

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